“You cannot rebuild a country properly if the elites don’t understand technology in the same way they grasp economics or ideology or propaganda… What good governance and the good society look like is now inextricably linked to an understanding of the digital.”

On December 2017 we testified before the Fiscal Board, highlighting the necessary building blocks of digital policy required to succeed in structural reforms.



The Fiscal Board drew attention to the Government’s lack of commitment to carry out the necessary structural reforms. Join us on Tuesday, December 11th, for the fourth edition of the series “Dear Fiscal Board” where we will think more broadly about the topics of:

  • Digital control and the concrete actions that the board can take to ensure that government commitments are met.
  • Beyond Government, what are the top three areas for investment and economic opportunity in 2019



Noel Zamot

Fiscal Oversight Board Revitalization Coordinator

Josemaria Valdepeñas

Former Chief Technology Strategist, Microsoft



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