“You cannot rebuild a country properly if the elites don’t understand technology in the same way they grasp economics or ideology or propaganda… What good governance and the good society look like is now inextricably linked to an understanding of the digital.”

The Fiscal Board recommended US Digital Service collaboration in their annual report:

  • Dedicate Federal Digital Service personnel to co-create a Common Identity Platform

On November 16th we discussed what are the necessary building blocks of digital policy, resources
and infrastructure required to make this happen.




Digital Governance -  Can we rebuild our government so that services cost less and deliver more?  As the Trump administration proposes $228 million in funding for a Technology Modernization Fund, dependent upon an independent review board and experts familiar with agile procurement  development techniques following USDS guidelines, there's an opportunity to incorporate similar structures for Puerto Rico to ensure an effective rebuilding process.

An effective rebuilding process means being able to leverage the talents of the tech community for social good. Alberto Colón Viera and Froilán Irizarry are two of a group of over 200 members in the “Maria Tech Brigade”, an effort to develop technologies of value for citizens.  To assist effectively, the government needs to provide a basic digital infrastructure and engagement strategy-- we will identify what these are.



The tech ecosystem in Puerto Rico was thriving in spite of the fiscal crisis.  We will present ways to assist the tech sector in finding work through our partnership with Techhire.  We have to connect our local talent with work opportunities to ensure we can retain our local talent and have them be part of local digital rebuilding efforts.

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Ticket donations will go 100% to the HelpPRDespacito.com fund and will be used exclusively to provide long-term relief to the victims of Hurricane María.
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Cecilia Muñoz

Vice President, Policy and Technology and Director of the National Network at New America. Prior to joining New America in 2017, she served on President Obama’s senior staff, as Director of the Domestic Policy Council where she co-chaired the White House Task Force on Puerto Rico's Political Status


Bill Cooper

Lead drafter of the 2016 Puerto Rico Oversight Management and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA), which created the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico. Cooper will evaluate whether the Board has made progress towards structural government reform to fit 21st century needs.

Vivian Graubard

Vivian Graubard is the director of strategy for Public Interest Technology at New America. Prior to joining New America, Graubard worked at the White House under President Obama where she was a founding member of the United States Digital Service and also served as a senior advisor and chief of staff to the United States Chief Technology Officer. There, her work focused on the intersection between technology and policy implementation, particularly on issues affecting vulnerable communities.

Guest Panelists

Alberto Colon - Maria Tech Brigade
Froilan Irizarry - Maria Tech Brigade
Edrick Ortiz - Hack Nights, Code4PuertoRico
Javier Saade - Fenway Summer, former Associate Admin at SBA

Aaron Snow - Co-founder & executive director at 18f.  
Greg Gershman - Ad Hoc LLC, former USDS
Shelly Ni  - NAVA, former Code for America Fellow
Sofia Stolberg - Founder and CEO, Piloto 151



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