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2018 Recap
December 11th
Piloto 151, Old San Juan



It is not about technology
It is about the imperative to redesign
public services to work better and cost less




Piloto 151 is hosting a series of renowned speakers in the GovTech sector. Leaders from around the world who will share their experiences in digital governance & delivery of services, improving lives of citizens, saving billions & generating increased economic opportunities.


 series speakers

Tom Loosemore

Co-founder, UK Digital Service

As founder of the UK’s Government Digital Service, Tom led the transformation of the UK government’s services, redesigning GOV.UK and saving over $4 billion in the process.  Tom helps governments, large organisations and political leaders succeed in digital transformation at scale.

Maksim Pecherskiy

Chief Data officer, city of san diego

As the CDO for the City of San Diego, Maksim strives to bring the necessary components together to allow the City’s residents to benefit from a more efficient, agile government that is as innovative as the community around it.  Max provided recommendations on better use of data & analytics to the Fiscal Board.

Natalie Jaresko

Executive director, PR Fiscal Oversight board

Natalie A. Jaresko was designated Executive Director of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico on March 2017. She has a distinguished international career in public service and the private industry, with over 25 years of successful management experience in strategy and negotiation development and implementation of public policy and business objectives.



Learn about "service design" to create better experiences for users of government & private sector services alike, from the world leader in digital transformation: the United Kingdom. 

Learn about customer-centric digital strategies that have been adopted by governments and corporations around the world to execute effective “native digital” transformations.

Learn and interact with renowned leaders to engage in strategies for improving service delivery for your organization.



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