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PR – Governor Luis Fortuño establishes CIO office by Executive Order

Efforts to structure the office by law are stalled. The office has no legal authority or budget structure and operates with limited resources assigned through

UK – Establishes the Government Digital Service

The Government Digital  Service is the new name for the organisation created by the merging of Directgov and the Cabinet Office Digital Delivery and Digital

PR – Garcia Padilla campaigns in favor of CIO Office

Citing the executive order as a positive of Governor Fortuño’s administration, AGP campaigns in favor of creating the new CIO office by law, forming part

USA – Presidential Innovation Fellows Program @ White House

US CTO Todd Park said the new program “will bring top innovators from outside government for focused “tours of duty” with our best federal innovators on

PR – Bill introduced to create Ofice of Government Information Technology

Along with the bill, an event:  The Puerto Rico Tech Summit, June 6, at the San Juan Convention Center, to showcase what is possible under

White House organizes IT task force to transform Detroit

Niblock sneaked her first peek under Detroit’s hood last year as part of an IT task force organized by the White House. She joined the

White House seeks UK assistance on digital strategy

July 4, 2013, the day we celebrate our independence from Britain, was the first time Jen Phalka called Mike Bracken for support.  This is an

USA – crashes upon launch

Una de las lecciones aprendidas durante el tiempo de rescate es que el esquema de desarollo de estaba diseñado atado a una legislación que

US Digital Service is established

As part of the Executive Office of the President, the newly formed USDS provides consultation services to federal agencies on information technology. It seeks to

Puerto Rico highlighted at Code for America Summit alongside UK and US Digital Services

David Eaves opening remarks at Code for America Summit 2014 starts off with highlights of amazing things happening around the world, governments emulating the success of

US Digital Service Playbook released

Today, too many of our digital services projects do not work well, are delivered late, or are over budget. To increase the success rate of

UK releases “Service Manual”

Helping government teams create and run great digital services that meet the Digital Service Standard.  This manual explains what teams can do to build great

PR – First digital service based on USDS Playbook is launched

Puerto Rico launches the first digital service developed following the guidelines of the US Digital Service Playbook. It was delivered on time and under budget,

PR – AGP shuts down CIO office, sets us back five years

No goodwill to recruit the best talent and empower them to solve problems through new approaches based on Silicon Valley best practices. Mi mensaje es el

PR – Challenges in Recruiting Talent

Participé en el ‘Open Mike’ de Full Stack Nights presentando sobre la necesidad de un “US Digital Service” en Puerto Rico. Full Stack Nights es

PR – Achieving Financial Statements in Real Time

Did you know that there was a pilot project via which one could see the financial statements for CRIM, ACAA, Public Works and UPR?

PR – Former CIO Team is recruited by USDS

Andres, Alberto and Giancarlo are recruited to work at US Digital Service. Andrés and Alberto decide to move to Washington DC, Giancarlo stays behind focusing

PR – Leveraging PROMESA & detailing federal personnel

Paying particular attention to a clause that gives agency heads leeway in hiring expert personnel, detailing federal employees to the Fiscal Control Authority in Puerto

PR – Rossello meets with former Presidential Innovation Fellow

Rosselló meets with John Paul Farmer, former Innovation Fellow, to discuss US Digital Service structure and his idea of the Puerto Rico Innovation Technology Service.

US Digital Service at TED on transforming the Federal Government

Haley Van Dyck is transforming the way America delivers critical services to everyday people. At the United States Digital Service, Van Dyck and her team

PR – Sheryl Sandburg to the Fiscal Board?

Estuve compartiendo con varios grupos de personas en Washington DC y conversando, les pregunto “a quien nominarían para la posible Junta de Control Fiscal para

US Digital Service visits Puerto Rico

US Digital Service visits Puerto Rico for TechSummit 2016, meets with representatives to candidates for Governor of Puerto Rico, including the now current CIO of

PR – Petition to include USDS member as part of Fiscal Board

The recent enactment of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act (PROMESA) creates an unparalleled opportunity to build new digital institutions that will

UK #1 in UN E-Government Survey

The U.K. now tops the UN’s survey of e-government trends, validating results of the U.K.’s Government Digital Services strategy, which focuses on citizen-centric change and

US Digital Service hires more talent from Puerto Rico

After meeting with local talent at the Puerto Rico Tech Summit, USDS extends employment offer to Froilan Irizarry and David Acevedo, both former collaborators and

PR – Renowned Govtech leaders share recommendations to the Fiscal Board

For any government in the 21st century, the policy will not work if the technology doesn’t work. The recent enactment of the Puerto Rico Oversight,

PR – Rossello reinstates CIO position, makes petition to Fiscal Board

Governor Rossello sends letter requesting detailing of USDS personnel to assist in structuring the new Puerto Rico Innovation Technology Service.  

PR – PC 749 Bill to establish Puerto Rico Innovation Technology Service is presented

New bill introduced! Para crear la Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS), a fin de establecer y promover la política pública sobre la elaboración,

PR – Treasury is Hacked!

Security Breach at Departamento de Hacienda. This is due, in part, to the inappropriate and outdated technology structure and lack of governance.
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USA – Kushner meets with USDS personnel, stresses entity’s importance

Trump Administration is supportive of USDS talent and execution structure.